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Many Lectures have been recorded on film and uploaded on the internet allowing poeple from all over the world to have a glance at what is being learned and discussed among elite groups. You can find them on YouTube but also on some internet sites that focus on collecting and storing good video lectures of high quality. These in essence offer a good and free education to all those who are plugged in and speak the language of the lecturer.
Academic Earth
This site allows you to watch online full courses from the best universities of United states. This can give you a peek into some of the best education delivered to an elite few opened to the public by the power of the web. click here











An amazing source for 20 minutes short and smart “talks” on the web. Beware: this site is addictive and should be used with care!



Watch this insperational talk about the origin of the current paradigm of teaching and the need to update it


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Prof. Elliot Eisner discusses why art is essential in the education of a child, forming not his brain but his mind. The ability to differentiate are senses, i.e. notice more subtleties of the senses. Refine their sensibilities. See more, hear more, taste more, feel more, notice more. Surprise should be an educational goal. The discovery of senses. This is a first rate talk – listen to it a few times – its worth it. Also, read his “The enlightened eye” that explains these ideas in regard to qualitative research methods.

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Another video of Eisner speaking on the subject




Ecologize Growth from Katie Teague on Vimeo.


Alfie Kohn spoke about the risk of tougher standards in education from SFU Education on Vimeo.


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