A podcast is a pre-recorded on-demand audio or video program stored as a file on the web. The file can then be downloaded into any computer or preferably portable device and be listened or or viewed at any time the end user chooses to. Many Radio and TV shows around the globe transform whole episodes in entire series to such consecutive files to be downloaded one after the other allowing their audiences choose when to listen or view. Many Independent creators of pod-casts have entered this new Media and provide quality educational moments you can listen to while driving your car or walking your dog. You can usally sign up to be notfied when a new episode of your faverate podcast is available on the Web. Here are some of the podcast I find to be very good. Please let me know of other podcast out there that are worth listening to.


Many Podcasts are offered in Apple ITunes software - particularly available for Iphone/ipad/ipod users – and that is how I listen to most of the podcasts I follow.


This here is a wonderful source for a wide range of Israeli Hebrew spoken pod-casts.


- some of them very informative and educational. Here are some that I listen to:

1. Making History By Ran Levi עושים היסטוריה עם ערן לוי

2. Historical events By Yuval Malachie קטעים בהיסטוריה עם יובל מלאכי

3. Life of others By Eran Sabag חיים של אחרים – ערן סבאג



And there are others!




* Dan Carlin – “Hardcore History”


* Melvyn Bragg – In Our Times

This is a BBC 4 Radio Program discussing the history of ideas.



* This I Believe

More than 50 years ago, three of the most powerful men in broadcasting developed the idea for a new radio program. The result was This I Believe, hosted by Edward R. Murrow. Each week a different person reads an essay they have written about their most deeply held beliefs. Since its debut in 2005 This I Believe, Inc. has publishes a weekly podcast featuring essays by Colin Powell, Bill Gates, Gloria Steinem, Robert Fulghum, Yo-Yo Ma, Muhammad Ali, and many everyday citizens.


For current Podcasts go to


For the classic 1950′s go to


 Lectures of Allan Bloom: http://www.latinamericanhistory.net/lectures.html



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