• Books

    Books are an important source for learning of ideas and thoughts that do not exist at our close...

  • Reports on Education
    Reports on Education

     Governemts, Universities and NGOs publish from time to time reports on public education,...

  • Lectures on the Web
    Lectures on the Web

    Many Lectures have been recorded on film and uploaded on the internet allowing poeple from...

  • Podcasts

    A podcast is a pre-recorded on-demand audio or video program stored as a file on the web. The...

  • Documentaries

    Documentaries are particularly important for education. They use the full force of the camera...

  • Movies

      Jinni movie information finder   Taste in movies is complex and individual. Yet...

  • TV series
    TV series

    Television is used mostly as a mean for entertainment, but from time to time a unique program...

  • News & Magazines
    News & Magazines

    Many magazines and newspapers are online and can provide important information and quality...

  • Biographies

      Elliot W. Eisner From Wikipedia Elliot Eisner is emeritus professor of Art and Education...

  • Ranking Countries
    Ranking Countries

    Many Think Tanks and Research Centers are producing analysis that compares countries or state...

  • Dictionaries

    Online Etymology Dictionary Follow the origin of English words here  

  • Encyclopedias

    The internet has many online Encyclopedias that can serve for information gathering    Standford...