• West and East: Two Opposing Educations?

    West and East: Two Opposing Educations?

    17 Jan 2012 2 Comments

      I believe that both the west and the east have in their educational philosophies a deep rooted obsession with freeing Human beings. Since ancient times Humans were considered not as free agents in this world but controlled by many forces. First among...

  • The Shadow Scholar

    The Shadow Scholar

    13 Jan 2012 0 Comments

    This article from the The Chronicle of Higher Education was written by a person who has written thounsands of academic works for others – for pay. He will realy make you think.   Read on Here or read below the embedded version (Best seen on...

  • Class Size: Small or Large?

    Class Size: Small or Large?

    11 Jan 2012 0 Comments

        Should we reduce the number of children in a classroom to acheive better learning? This is probably the most common suggestion regarding school reform. The smaller the class the more attention the teacher can provide to every single child. However,...