I lecture and research education at several Israeli academic institutions. My courses fuse together philosophy, sociology and curriculum in the attempt to counter a tendency of teacher training programs for over-specialization. I attepmt to socialize educators and educationalists toward complexity in their analysis and decision making. I research issues ranging from Philosophy, Sociology, Curriculum, Formal/Informal Education, Civic/Political Education, Critical Thinking, Peace Education, non-orthodox Jewish identity, visions of the state if Israel; and Qualitative Research Methods. I lecture to various audiences on Israeli education. I am active in various volunteer groups and trek high altitude mountain trails.


Date of birth: August 3, 1967

Place of birth: Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A

Nationality: U.S.A, Israel

Home addresses: POB 5002, Pardes Hanna – Karkur, Israel.

E-mail: whillel@gmail.com

2007 Ph.D “Dilemmas in Imparting Political Knowledge and Understanding Within the Israeli Education System”. Supervisor: Prof. Yaacov Iram. Curriculum and Instruction School of Education, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

1999 M.A. (Summa Cum Laude) ”The Portrayal of the Jewish State Concept in Israeli Civics Textbooks”. Superviser: Dr. Diana Keller. Policy and Administration in Education School of Education, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1995 B.A. (Cum Laude) Jewish History and Literature (general humanities track) Open University, Tel Aviv, Israel.

1988 Senior Certified Teacher, (Cum Laude) Bible Studies and Geography. Lifshitz Teachers’ College, Jerusalem, Israel.

2011 Grant

Oranim research grant for publishing a book of an original academic research.

2011 Grant

The UNESCO/Burg Chair in Education for Human Values Tolerance and Peace, School of Education, Bar-Ilan University. A grant for publishing a book of an original academic research

2000-2004 Scholarship

President’s PhD stipend program for outstanding students. Bar- Ilan University

1998 Award

Excellence of seminar paper in the School of Education, Hebrew University

1997 Award

Excellence of seminar paper in the School of Education, Hebrew University

1997 Fellowship

Lubin Fund

2006-2012 Senior faculty member, Be.d and Me.d Programs, in Oranim Teachers’ college

2003-2012 Adjunct Lecturer and Researcher, The UNESCO/Burg Chair in Education for Human Values Tolerance and Peace, School of Education, Bar-Ilan University

2006-2012 Faculty, Be.d program, in The Zinman College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Wingate Institute

2008-2010 Lecturer For Senior Army Officers In Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, Regarding Israeli Society, Values and Educational Leadership.

2006-2010 Lecturer, Be.d, in Levinski Teachers’ College

1999-2000 Adjunct Lecturer, Nonformal Education Division, Beit Berl Teachers’ College.

1997 Adjunct Lecturer, Program for Overseas Students, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1994-1996 Research Assistant, Integration of Immigrant Children in Israeli Schools (Project YES) headed Dr. Rita Sever, School of Education, The Hebrew University.

1999 Guest lecturer, The Israel Army Command and Staff Center for Senior Officers (PUM): Basic concepts regarding the conflict over the character of the State of Israel.

1994-1999 Senior Lecturer, Shorashim Institute, Jerusalem, lecturing officers of the Israel Army on The civic and political structure of Israel.

1992-1999 Program designer and facilitator in informal educational settings such as Shorashim for officers of the Israel Army, Jewish Agency for youth camps and among students from the former USSR. Melitz for youth and school principals. Gesher for dialogue meetings between religious and secular groups

1994-1998 Lecturer at the Nachshon Pre-military Preparation Course on issues of leadership, current events, Israeli society, secular Jewish identity and Zionism.

2006 – 2012 Member, Israeli Civic Education Research Group, Van-Leer Institute, Jerusalem.

2001–2007 Associate Editor in The UNESCO/Burg chair in Education for Human Values Tolerance and Peace, School of Education, Bar-Ilan University.

2007 Academic coordinator of the Fulbright Summer Seminar in Israel, Bar-Ilan University, Israel.

2006 Member, Steering Committee of the International 2006 Peace Education Conference, IPCRI, Jerusalem.

2003–2005 Academic coordinator of the International Conference on Educating Towards a Culture of Peace, Bar-Ilan University.

2000 Educational Program Designer and Facilitator, Rabin Center, Tel-aviv.

1992 NCO and Teaching Officer in the Education Corps, Israel Defense Forces: Staff officer for History and Civics (corresponding to position of Supervisor in the civilian education system).

1990-1991 CO of Teaching Officers’ Course. Training cadets to become instructors of teacher, in the Education Corp.

2011 Member of a local Pardes-Hanna initiative to create a new community centered around a Liberal egalitarian synagogue affiliated with the Masoraty (Conservative) movement.

2011 Observer in meetings of various committees of the Pardes –Hanna Municipality as part of a local effort to involve citizens in their public affaires and empower citizens – with a focus on public education.

2011 Leading role in the local Grassroots social activism group in Pardes- Hanna during the social protest events of Summer 2011. Organizing educative lectures to the public on local and state civic/economic issues and supporting various activism initiatives throughout the year.

2010 Opening session of the committee of Druz trustees in Shfraam 12.3.10 discussing models of minority self help and non violent political activism.

2009 Facilitator in the December 2009 gathering of Israel’s Leaders of religion in the Druz tomb of Nebi Shueib, Tiberius, held by the Israeli ministry of religion and attended by prominent Figures of all major religions in Israel.

2002–2004 Member of the Educational Committee in the National Responsibility Forum (haforum le-achrayut leumit) Rabin Center headed by Herzel Boudinger. Co-author of the ELA report on the state of Education.

1993-1996 Instructor of five youth winter/summer camps in the former USSR, organized by the Jewish agency for Jewish students.

I Introductory Courses in the field of Education

* An Introduction to Philosophy of Education B.A & B.ed

* An Introduction to Sociology of Education B.A & B.ed

* An Introduction to Curriculum Design B.ed & M.ed

* Non Formal Education in the Formal Setting of State Schools B.ed

* Qualitative Methodology of Educational Research B.ed & M.ed

* Management of Non Formal Education M.ed

* Critical Thinking M.ed

II Civic (and related) Education –combining philosophical/ sociological and curriculum perspectives

* A Workshop in Democracy and Stereotyping B.ed

* Critical Analysis of Israeli Civic Education B.ed

* Teaching Politics in Schools: Theories and Challenges B.ed & M.ed

* Ideological Biases in School Textbooks – Theory and Controversy B.ed & M.ed

* Peace Education – Seminar B.ed & M.ed

* Conflicting Visions for the State of Israel B.A

* Zionism and Secular Identity in Israeli Today, Senior Officer Training

1. Wahrman, H (1999) M.A Dissertation:” The Portrayal of the Jewish State Concept in Israeli Civics Textbooks” Superviser: Dr. Diana Keller, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

2. Wahrman, H (2003) Is Silencing Conflicts a Peace Education Strategy? The Case of the ‘Jewish State’ Topic in Israeli Civics Textbooks. In: Iram, Y, Editor, Wahrman, H. Assistant Editor. “Education of Minorities and Peace Education in Pluralistic Societies”. Praeger: London.

3. Wahrman, H (2004) The Subtle Silencing of Conflicts in Civics Textbooks: The Case of the Jewish State Topic in Israeli Civics Textbooks. International Textbook Research 26: 289-311

4. Iram, Y, (Editor), Wahrman, H (assistant editor) (2003). Education of Minorities and Peace Education in Pluralistic Societies. Praeger: London

5. Iram, Y (Editor), Wahrman, H and Gross, Z (Associate Editors) (2006) Educating towards a Culture of Peace. Information Age Publishing: Greenwich.

6. Wahrman, H. (2007) Ph.D. dissertation. Dilemmas in Imparting Political Knowledge and Understanding within the Israeli Education System. Supervisor: Prof. Yaacov Iram.

7. Wahrman, H (2012 – forthcoming) The Illusion of Teaching Politics in Israel. Resling: Israel (Hebrew) Articles in preparation

8. Wahrman, H. The Phenomenon of Unorganized Knowledge: What We Teach, Do We Teach Clearly?

9. Wahrman, H. The Patterns of Unorganized Knowledge in the Israeli Civics Curriculum, and the Assumptions Behind Them

10. Wahrman, H. The Concept of Civic Education held by Israeli Teachers.

2003 The Phenomenon of Teaching Vaguely in Israel’s Civic Education. Educating Towards a Culture of Peace International Conference, Ramat Gan, Israel.

2004 The Subtle Silencing of Conflict in Israeli Civic Education – Is that Good or Bad? Peace Education Conference, IPCRI, Anatalya.

2006 Teaching the Jewish-Democratic Debate in Israeli Schools – How to Make Complexities Clear. Peace Education Conference, Anatalya

2007 Israeli Civic Education. Fulbright-Hays Seminar, Bar-Ilan Univeristy

2007 On the Liberal – Non Conservative and Non Rradical – Ideological messages of Israel’s Civic Textbook. The conference on Myth, Language & Memory Shaping Israeli Consciousness, Oranim (Hebrew – “Mitus, shafa vezikaron beituv htodaa beyisrael”)

2007 “Talking Politics” – Introducing the Political Terminology Choices in Israel’s Main Civic Textbook. Levinsky, Teacher College Opening Conference.

2008 What Can Scholars of Conflict and Conflict Management and Policy Makers Teach One Another? (Roundtable) The ” Intercivilizational Conflict – Can It Be Moderated? An international Workshop”, Bar Ilan Univeristy.

2010 Peace Education in the Galleel at the Oranin Teacher College, February,

2010 2011 Developing Criteria for Evaluating the Education of Political Understanding. The 12-th Annual Scientific conference at Oranim, Research, Study and Artistic creativity at Oranim, January, 2011.

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